GoSee: Golden Hands Gallery zeigt SOZYONE-Forever Young

Zweite Soloshow Pablo „Sozyone“ Gonzalez‚ in der GOLDEN HANDS GALLERY.
FOREVER YOUNG is already the second show oft he artist Pablo „Sozyone“ Gonzalez at Golden Hands Gallery. After participating in a group show together with Honet and Sixe Paredes in 2015 he returns to celebrate the gallery´s second anniversary with this solo show. FOREVER YOUNG ist the result of an extended artistic journey born from the desire to reach a whole new level of artistic expression. After a feeling of being stuck in a repetition of what he had been doing so far it took him back to Santa Magnetica, where he spent a lot of time reflecting on how to escape from this vicious circle. As a result of this he describes as if he ´had gained inspiration for another 20 years‘.

Exactly this feeling made him choose FOREVER YOUNG as this exhibition´s title. It is the clarity and perfection of nature that gives Sozyone inspiration for the concept that is behind the artworks displayed at FOREVER YOUNG. He samples collages, uses acrylic paints in layers working with spraypaint and brushes. He draws, prints and cuts out in his very own rhythm and flow. As a result he creates intense artworks that are very well balanced between harmony and oppositions. There are mostly images that show a hard and rough attitude with a sensitive touch.

Pablo „Sozyone“ Gonzalez
The artist was born in 1973 in brussels where he studied fine arts at the Royal Academy of Arts. After various stays in different countries it finally led him to Santa Magnetica – the place of his desire. It is source of his inspiration and home to his partner DEMSKY as well. Sozyone is deeply connected to Hamburg and has a very long artictic history in this town. Already in 2008 he had his first solo show at Dr. Christoph Tornow´s Vicious Gallery. As time went by Sozyone´s exhibitions became one oft he gallery´s trademarks and made it known internationally. Back then he did various solo and group shows and participated in projects like Turmkunst in Berlin-Steglitz (www.turmkunst.de). After this show at GOLDEN HANDS GALLERY Sozyone will have further solo shows in Paris and Zurich in 2017 besides further murals and publications.

Die Vernissage findet am Donnestag, den 23. März ab 18 Uhr. Die AUsstellung läuft bis zum 26. Mai 2017.

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